Unifarm open to scientists worldwide

Designed for top quality research and complying with the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures, the Unifarm facility of Wageningen University & Research is open for top quality research projects carried out by scientists around the globe.

Scientists from academia, business, industry and public services can contact Unifarm to discuss the possibilities of carrying out their experiments in Unifarm’s research greenhouses, growth chambers, experimental fields and other facilities in Wageningen. Partnering with a group from within Wageningen University & Research is not a prerequisite, although it can be beneficial as our scientists can contribute their scientific expertise and knowledge of the Unifarm hardware and personnel to the project.

When using Unifarm’s facilities, scientists should acknowledge the contribution of the Unifarm research facility to the research carried out, for example in scientific papers. Where applicable, we may request guest researchers to include as co-author of any (scientific) publications the Unifarm personnel/students who have made genuine scientific contributions to the research.

Unifarm complies with all applicable Dutch and international laws and regulations, including those on intellectual property rights. At the same time, Unifarm strives to keep the administrative burden as simple as possible when it comes to granting access to the Unifarm hardware and skills of our personnel.  

Unifarm operates according to the wide access mode. While guaranteeing confidentiality, we strive for transparency by providing information on the available facilities, services provided and costs. When agreed upon with the guest scientists, certain information – such as climate data from experiments – can be made available to third parties.

Within the wide access approach we give priority to research projects that are driven by scientific excellence and originality. Leading scientists from Wageningen University will objectively evaluate research proposals in strict confidentiality. Unifarm will offer to provide the facilities and services for an attractive fee once research proposals have been accepted.