Objectives of the SftF

  • To stimulate the attention of students in the field of seed science and technology; 
  • To increase the number of young people with interest for a profession in the seed sector; 
  • To maintain and improving the infrastructure for research and education in seed science and technology; 
  • To unlock potential impact in education for new young professionals in seed-science (at the MSc and PhD level) and providing seed science or technological based thesis and/or internships;
  • To unlock potential impact in innovation to the seed industry;
  • To create flexibility and ad-hoc investment in specific seed related topics, and granting discovery sprint projects aiming to test particular ideas, new technologies or concepts; 
  • To provide opportunities for knowledge transfer through, for instance, the Dutch Seed Symposium, Master Class Seed Technology and other courses, through presentations at scientific meetings and publications, through possibilities for training company staff and consultancy.