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Thesis & Internship opportunities

Here you find current thesis & internships opportunities at WSSC and other associated institutions

MSc and BSc thesis opportunities

Available projects for WUR BSc & MSc students (flexible start date):

  • The role of Pumilio proteins during seed germination (info).
  • Discovering the secrets behind translational regulation in seeds (info).
  • Exploring the origin and evolution of desiccation tolerance using comparative transcriptomics (info).
  • Effect of different drying rates on seed maturation and chlorophyll degradation (info).
  • Role of Raf-like MAPKKKs in seed maturation and desiccation tolerance (info).
  • Molecular mechanisms in seed germination: finetuned functional analysis (info).
  • Seed longevity in lettuce (info).
  • Identifying natural genetic variation for desiccation tolerance in seeds (info).
  • Determining the mechanisms behind seed longevity (info).
  • Identifying loci that regulate seed dormancy and seed longevity (info).
  • Is it possible to efficiently prime immature seeds? (info).


  • The seed microbiome and plant genetic resources (info)

  • Efficient viability testing of genebank seed samples (info)