Solar Research: Participation and Policy

Solar Research: Engagement

Public support for the energy transition calls for the involvement of local residents and the general public in renewable energy projects. Financial participation in energy projects and participation in decision-making are well-known forms of public participation. Multifunctional solar parks offer additional opportunities for public participation in everyday life, such as recreation. However, little is known about this. Up till now, public support for energy projects such as shale gas, nuclear energy and wind energy has not been considered from a multifunctional perspective.

Within the Solar Research Programme, we want to investigate how and under which conditions everyday participation contributes to a sense of personal responsibility and justice in local energy transitions. The aim is to learn more about multifunctionality and social support through system innovation, such as changing practices, rules and relationships.

The methods and experiments consist of an evaluation of participation in existing solar parks, by means of reflexive monitoring. This means that new knowledge is applied immediately in the process in order to achieve the best results. It leads to greater involvement of local residents and other stakeholders, because they can immediately see their own wishes in front of them.


Key publications