Data driven and High Tech (KB-38)

(KB-38) The future is digital. The digitalisation of society as a whole, including the food producing system (farm to fork) and the natural environment, implies a strong role and impact of data driven & high tech innovations using new technologies, sensors, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Wageningen University & Research strives to play a crucial role for enabling the digital transformation in the agro food and life sciences. Key challenges in the next years are further developing Artificial Intelligence and big data analytics to be applied for agro-food and life sciences innovations. We will establish shared and FAIRified data infrastructures that can operate across scientific disciplines and industry and investigate human-robot-environment interaction. Such achievements drive technical developments for i.e. precision farming, on-site food safety monitoring and tailor-made food advice based on individual human and animal health and welfare needs. They allow to efficiently manage complex, dynamic and responsive food production and contribute to sustainable food supply chains and conscious stakeholders -including consumers- and to anticipate on climate, nature and environmental changes.

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