AQUAEXCEL3.0 is the third AQUAEXCEL project in succession, and aims to integrate top class European aquaculture research facilities, covering all relevant scientific fields for research and innovation in aquaculture, from genetics to technology through pathology, physiology and nutrition.

This successful formula has already proven itself for 10 years, and, with this new AQUAEXCEL3.0 project, will continue for another 5 years until October 2025.

Building on two previous AQUAEXCEL projects, it will provide expanded access to high-quality services and resources, covering all scientific fields relevant to research and innovation in aquaculture, from genetics to technology through immunology, physiology and nutrition, and including new nanosensors and fish isogenic lines developed in the previous projects. AQUAEXCEL3.0 will enhance its scope by including shellfish, macro-algae and recyclers (insects, marine worms). Integrating such lower trophic level species is key to move towards more sustainable and even circular aquaculture – a strong societal demand.

For the TNA, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) will offer fish performance facilities, focused on swimming physiology, robustness an genomics.

For the joint research, WUR will be involved in:

  1. Virtual Laboratories and modelling tools for designing experiments in aquaculture research facilities
  2. Identifying, harmonising and applying the most important operational welfare indicators for key European species used in aquaculture research
  3. Selection and adaptation of existing promising technologies for measuring and monitoring welfare
  4. Evaluate the implementation of enrichment to improve welfare in cultured fish and develop a training/exercising protocol for fish early life stages promoting robust juvenile fish

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