Assessment economic impacts offshore windfarms for fisheries

According to the Dutch roadmap 2030 ("Routekaart 2030"), numerous offshore windfarms will be built in the North Sea. This will impact the fisheries sector (availability of fishing grounds, restrictions to navigation inside the windfarms, etc.) This may lead to higher costs and a possible decrease in income. Because of other factors (for example area restrictions for nature conservation goals), few alternatives remain for the fisheries sector. The aim of this project is to give insights in the extra cost and possible decrease in income associated with the outroll of the offshore windfarmsas planned in "Routekaart 2030".

In the calculations, the effects from other spatial claims on the North Sea will be included. In this research project catch data and value data (per quarter of a year) available to Wageningen Marine Research (WMR) and Wageningen Economic Research (WEcR) will be used to calculate the indicators of the fishery activities, and furthermore a stress analysis will be performed. Furthermore, the (im)possibilities of moving to other fishing grounds will be explored. The outcome of these investigations will be mainly qualitatively reported. The outcome of this research projects and the deliverables will provide a standard for further and more specific research on the cumulative effects of areas that have been closed or are being planned to be closed.