Build Food Literacy Through Education

Together with other cohort members we will develop innovative solutions to Build Food Literacy Through Education as part of the Game Changers lab organized by EAT, IDEO, Thought For Food, The Rockefeller Foundation and Forum For the Future. Our focus is on creating and ceasing the opportunities and power that (young) consumers exert when making healthy, sustainable choices.

Aim of this project is to align and develop game solutions that contribute to the needed transitions of food systems. As food systems are becoming more complex and production of food is far away from the consumption of the food (long and not transparent value chain), consumers are sometimes unaware of the elaborate healthy and local choices present all over the globe. A way of creating awareness is by incorporating this knowledge in the education process. The start of this process could even be as early as learning as a child about the possibilities for food and co-develop new possibilities with people around the globe.