Building with Nature Hondsbossche en Pettemer Zeewering

This project, partly funded by HWBP, HHNK and EcoShape, will evaluate how the sandy solution of Hondsbossche and Pettemer Zeewering (HPZ) functions. The purpose of the HPZ innovation project is to promote (i.e. faster and more efficiently realized gain) of the application of sandy land solutions by making experiences at HPZ on habitat development and environment effects available. It examines the predictability of habitat types (dunes), optimization of the safety design and consideration of experience.

The predictability of habitat development is important in construction projects. Clarity on the expected development leads to less discussion and shortens the time of preparation for the construction of a sandy reinforcement.

The design of the HPZ is designed slightly larger than would be physically needed given the current design rules and water safety policy). If there is a widely held view that the expected growth is sufficiently robust, future sandy coastal reinforcement designs can be adapted.
The view that sandy reinforcements are generally appreciated as an attractive, modern form of dike reinforcement seems to be reinforced by the HPZ. At the same time the immediate environment may experience negative effects.

The project results are relevant to management and design, and consequently of direct importance for HHNK as manager (because the design and management of these and other barriers may be better equipped); HWBP/ RWS as a financier of current and future reinforcements because it allows the applicability of sandy solutions can be promoted.