The Compendium for the Living Environment (CLO) aims to make the facts and figures about the environment, nature and space in the Netherlands available to professionals in these fields. This is done via the website For this project, Wageningen Research is collaborating with Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). This collaboration was laid down in a covenant in 2018.

The WOT Nature & Environment is responsible for the annual update of approximately 30 indicators (of the more than 60 for which WUR is responsible) on the Compendium for the Living Environment ( The indicators form the basis/background information for the Balance of the Living Environment, which PBL publishes once every two years.
The project at Wageningen Research (in this case WOT Nature & Environment) concerns the coordination, management and implementation of the activities that are carried out at the WOT Nature & Environment, Wageningen Environmental Research, Wageningen Economic Research and Wageningen Marine Research and a number of data-providing organizations. Coordination with CBS, PBL and RIVM in nature editing, space editing, project team meetings and steering group meetings are also part of this project.