Coördinatie en communicatie

The Ministry of Economic Affairs needs knowledge that supports them in making policy choices. There are, therefore, funds made available to Stichting DLO to support the Ministry with knowledge / research on fisheries. These resources and research are included in the policy research theme BO 20-010 sustainable fisheries. For this theme, coordination and communication is crucial.

The goal of this project is:

  • Coordinate the research in the theme BO 20-010 Sustainable fisheries
  • Maintaining contact management in the theme BO 20-010 Sustainable fisheries
  • Communicating progress of the research to the Ministry of Economic Affairs

The coordination of the various research in the theme is done by continuous monitoring of the project financial results. Alignment of the substantive progress of the projects are in discussions with the project leaders. The contact management is shaped by regular contact with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the theme leader of Wageningen UR.