EU-Cofin 2018 Brisk II

The goal is to improve the overall use of these existing facilities, saving costs, so that existing R&D-budget can be used more efficient. The focus of the ECE will be on the sustainable valorisation of agro residues, process residues and high potential terrestrial and aquatic biomass crops to advanced biofuels for transport and added-value biobased products (proteins, chemicals, materials). Full chain covering stakeholders, i.e. biomass producers, SMEs, INDs, biofuel/bio-product producers, universities and knowledge institutes, will be given the opportunity to both define research projects and to jointly execute these projects using the facilities of the participating partners, partly being financed by the EC.

The vision of BRISK2 ( is to establish a European Centre of Excellence (ECE) in the field of biorefining by virtual coupling a 55 lab, pilot and demo facilities at 15 leading research institutes.

Also, in parallel, a joint research programme is executed, dealing with biomass characterisation, digestion, fermentation, combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, catalytic conversion, process integration, biorefining and integral chain development, assessment and optimisation. The focus of Wageningen Food and Biobased Research within this R&D-programme is on the separation and valorisation of proteins from protein-rich raw materials; whereas concerning Transnational Access WFBR will put its pre-treatment/ fractionation, counter-current extraction, fermentation and analysis facilities at the disposal of interested stakeholders.