EURL contra financing of the residue analysis regulation (EC) No 882/2004 (hormones, sedatives and mycotoxins)

The harmonisation and improvement of the effectiveness and quality of chemical analyses to detect the presence of growth-promoting hormones, mycotoxins and sedatives in foods of animal origin in the EU Member States. The initiation of and participation in the deliberations on amendments to European regulations. Research is carried out and ring tests, training programmes and workshops are organised to assist NRLs in Europe and elsewhere in the implementation of these EU regulations.


Annual work programmes are drawn up within the EURLs' general objectives that detail the method development, assurance work and research to be carried out in the coming year.

Project results

This project results in a contribution to the effectiveness and quality of European Union residue monitoring. The project's products are advisory reports for the European Commission, reports on the ring tests that have been organised and research reports.