Fytosanitair: Algemeen beheer

From the legislation and regulations there is a task for the prevention, exclusion and control of Quarantine (Q) organisms. Market access and market retention in third countries is of great importance to the Dutch agricultural and horticultural sector. To maintain and expand our international strong position, meeting international phytosanitary requirements is essential and early identification of phytosanitary risks and proactive management is a requirement.
Most phytosanitary research is conducted public-privately on the basis of the questions in top sector research. However, there are questions, especially from the NVWA that are not yet relevant for the business community (because the organism does not occur in the Netherlands) or that are only relevant for the laws and regulations (particularly for enforcement by the NVWA). BO research is therefore only used for questions related to the development and implementation of phytosanitary legislation and regulations.

This BO research concerns specific knowledge questions for the development and implementation of phytosanitary legislation and regulations. This mainly concerns research on quarantine organisms, surveys for quarantine organisms and disinfection of recirculation water in which quarantine organisms can spread. In consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the NVWA, these questions are identified and developed into research proposals formulated by Wageningen UR in this project. The phytosanitary program includes 6 subprojects + coordination.

The 7 sub-projects are: 

- Disinfection recirculation water

- Rapid detection of Candidatus Liberibacter (HLB/Zebrachip)

- Improvement of insect traps for surveys

- Seed Coating ToBRFV

- Virus Collections

- Wart disease

- Coordination