GMO food/feed dossier appraisals within the scope of national and international legislation

This project focuses on the provision of advice on the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for use in food and feed


The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and other relevant bodies have questions about the safety of feed that contains GMOs within the context of the European authorisation procedures. The EFSA also needs support in its performance of GMO safety appraisals within the context of EU GMO authorisation procedures, including the authorisation of feed and food derived from GMOs. Information on the safety appraisal of GMOs on the basis of European regulations is also required for communication to the general public.

The objective of this project is to draw up recommendations on the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for which an application for market authorisation has been submitted for their use in feed and food. The recommendations are formulated following dossier appraisals based on the following procedures and activities:

  • The national phase of EU authorisation procedures for the use of GMOs in feed and food.
  • The provision of ad-hoc advice to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, for example following debates in the Netherlands’ House of Representatives of the States-General or the processing of specific dossiers by the EU's standing committee in Brussels.
  • Participation in the ESFA's Scientific Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms.


  • Substantive appraisals of GMO food and feed safety within the context of European regulations (EFSA).
  • Periodic consultations with the relevant scientists and policy officials on recommendations that have been submitted or have yet to be submitted

Project results

The provision of advice on the safety of GMOs and specific GMOs for use in feed and food. The number of cases in which advice is provided depends on the number of dossiers and questions that are submitted or raised.

The knowledge of GMO safety evaluations will also be used and developed further in the parallel ‘Risk analysis and recommendations’ project within the risk assessment theme.