Integrated development and application of WUR models

Task 2 will initiate a process towards an increased integration of tools for scientific advice to address the growing demand for integrated policy, systems, and strategy analyses. This task supports the development of the WR system analyses framework that can address strategic policy questions and guide integrated resource management covering topics that involve several WR domains (see, vision statement).

Task 2 is an iterative process of (1) stocktaking and evaluating, (2) progressing, (3) applying and (4) consolidating new insights. In the period 2023/2024 Task 2 will build upon the previous work done in Task 5 over the years 2020-2022, specifically working to implement the recommendations outlined in Task 5 report. For 2023 this task builds on the experiences from the previous years to help guide investments in building model clusters and engaging with existing and new initiatives such as the GMP WIKI to help disseminate best practices on model collaboration. These activities include an inventory of what can be considered important challenges both within WUR but also among potential clients (e.g. ministries) (Activity 2.1), which then drives the identification of potential model collaborations (Activity 2.2), complemented with the further gathering of best practices and supporting their dissemination to advance model collaboration within the Systems Analysis Framework (Activity 2.3).