Knowledge support COP

The 'Community of Practice Multi-use North Sea' (COP) is a network in which stakeholders exchange knowledge and experience on pilot projects to combine and accelerate multiple use of space at sea - by wind energy, nature and food. This project supports the COP with substantive knowledge and advice.

In order to realise a sustainable blue economy in an increasingly crowded North Sea, multiple use of space is crucial. For example, ways are being sought to combine offshore wind farms with nature development and food production. The various possibilities are being investigated in pilot projects. To support these pilots, the Ministry of LNV and RVO started the 'community of practice multi-use North Sea' (COP) at the end of 2018. In this community, stakeholders involved in these pilots exchange knowledge and experiences and can work together on solutions to problems. The Knowledge Support COP project supports the COP with substantive expertise and advice.