Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) WOT-02

Directive (EU) No. 882/2004 stipulates that laboratories involved in official monitoring must be accredited in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025. To meet the requirements of ISO17025, a laboratory must have a quality system to regulate the traceability of samples and results. To this end, RIKILT operates a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), in which all information related to samples received for analysis is converged. The LIMS is used to generate the analysis reports containing data on samples and test results that are sent to clients. A great deal of attention is devoted to guaranteeing reliability, stability, user friendliness and efficiency in the increasingly digitised laboratory environment.

Approach and phasing

Maintenance and software development are required to keep the LIMS in shape and up to date.

A maintenance contract has been agreed to guarantee the continuity of the LIMS and the system documentation is regularly revised. Arrangements have also been made for obtaining the necessary support in the event of a LIMS breakdown (including response times for incidents/emergencies, for instance). New functionalities have been added to benefit clients and project managers, such as new applications (project overview software, etc.).

In 2014, work will continue on making necessary modifications to the LIMS. This will be explicitly coordinated with the NVWA. In addition, a large amount of attention will also be given to the further implementation of tracking and tracing capabilities. This project also focuses on the implications of automating and digitising laboratory processes for the LIMS.


The targeted results are a working, stable, well-maintained and up-to-date LIMS with spin-offs in the form of analysis reports (containing data on samples and test results) and project overviews for clients.