This project focusses on a solid and up-to-dateLIMS. With this database, employees of RIKILT administer the survey sample. It involves recording the sample intake, laboratory activities and the analytical result.

For a robust and up-to-date LIMS regular maintenance and system development is essential. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation as well as nVWA sends samples for analysis to RIKILT. All information about these samples is stored in LIMS.

The supplied sample data are linked by RIKILT to carry out laboratory activities. This allows to report the analysis with the corresponding sample data directly from LIMS to the client. The LIMS database will be used also as a source of data to make trend analyzes.

Results are standardizing of the data samples with the WOT clients and linking data with respect to sample receipt, handling and analysis of samples. As a consequence LIMS will provide clients quickly and adequately with the necessary data.