Maintenance of the legislation and regulations database

This project has a two-fold objective. The first is to keep the database containing relevant legislation and other documentation related to statutory research tasks (WOT) that RIKILT carries out up-to-date and complete. The second is to advise WOT project managers and (on request) WOT contacts on current and future legislation concerning WOT projects to ensure that the research complies with statutory requirements and to enable them to anticipate future legislation.

Approach and phasing

The database containing legislation and other documents is supplemented and updated so that it can be used in drawing up the work plans for WOT projects in the autumn. The database is kept up to date by monitoring the Dutch Bulletin of Acts and Decrees, the Dutch Government Gazette, the Official Journal of the European Union and EFSA Opinions.

Throughout the year, project managers and (on request) WOT contacts are informed about changes in legislation. They are also notified about other developments and/or publications that could be relevant to their specific WOT projects. Each WOT project manager receives advice on legislation and other documents that could be important for carrying out or following up on their WOT project in the following year.

Throughout the entire year, questions asked by RIKILT members of staff related to legislation are answered as quickly and completely as possible.


This project will result in an up-to-date database with links to legislative and other documents that are important to the statutory research tasks of RIKILT as described in the project work plans. Each work plan contains links to relevant legislation and other documents in the database. Another result is the solicited and unsolicited advice on legislation and regulations related to foodstuffs and animal feed given to WOT project managers, other RIKILT members of staff and (on request) WOT contacts.