Resilient livestock production

This project aims to apply Resilience thinking to livestock production in relationship with other areas of agriculture. The main activity in 2015 will be writing a review paper on resilience related to animal physiology and husbandry in general. The review will address different resilience related definitions & principles such as Robustness, adaptation, and disease susceptibility.

The levels of application include the animal, the farm, theproduction chain and wider society. The focus in the review will be on the animal as a complex dynamic system, and will include links to super-systems such as the farm, the chain and wider society.


- Why we need resilience thinking to meet societal challenges in bio-based production systems. Ge, L.; Anten, N.P.R.; Dixhoorn, I.D.E. van; Feindt, P.H.; Kramer, K.; Leemans, H.B.J.; Gielen-Meuwissen, M.P.M.; Spoolder, H.A.M.; Sukkel, W. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 23 (2016). - ISSN 1877-3435 - p. 17 - 27.
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