State of the art Bos- en groenuitbreiding i.c.m. woningbouw

In this kennisdesk-research, the state-of-the-art of forest expansion in combination with housing is broadly portrayed and recorded in a report. An analysis of opportunities, bottlenecks and possibilities to achieve the goals is carried out with recommendations for LNV's policy.

The government's Forest Strategy (Bossenstrategie) from November 2020 formulated the goal of increasing the total Dutch forest area by 37,000 hectares (ha) to approximately 407,000 hectares by 2030. 15,000 ha of this has to be realized within the Netherlands Nature Network (NNN).
In addition, 19,000 ha will have to be realized outside the NNN where there is also a wish to do this in combination with housing, cities and villages. An indicative amount of 5,000 ha has been raised for this purpose. This is also included in MMIP B4. Forests can increase the quality of life in an area and have several positive effects on local residents.