The Benchmarking Atlas platform

To date a common reference point on actual and potential agricultural productivity for researchers, agricultural extension workers, private sector and policy makers is lacking.

Such a reference point could facilitate decision makers and scientists at different levels to formulate the right questions and jointly develop solutions for improving smart agricultural intensification and serve as an instrument for dialogue and common understanding.

The proposed project delivers such a reference point as an interactive webbased Benchmarking Atlas on agronomic, livestock, soil, nutrient and socioeconomic productivity information.

The project aims at realizing the Atlas (i.e. visualization tool and integrated database) as an integrative platform over relevant international projects and other IPOP projects by:

  1. Investigating the end-user needs;
  2. Extending current efforts in archiving and retrieving data with data on resource-use efficiency, livestock and socioeconomic benchmarking; 
  3. The Atlas as a stable ICT product;
  4. Reviewing and testing possibilities for up-scaling and consistent linking of data across point, polygon, grid and regional scales.

The developments of the Benchmarking Atlas closely link to the developments of the Global Yield Gap Atlas, which is a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded project, jointly lead by University of Nebraska and Wageningen University, in which ESG-Alterra is responsible for development of the Atlas as a web-based portal.