Tools for Impact Assessment: LIAISE, Eururalis, SEAMLESS en crop growth monitoring

Several assessment tools are placed within this project to provide a better overview and to make these tools more accessible for policy makers.


Alterra, part of Wageningen UR, contributed to the development of a large number of assessment tools for different domains in recent years. Within the project LIAISE, Alterra has the important task to make these different assessment tools more available to policy makers. In this project several of these tools are accomodated under a umbrella-project, so they are more visible and more easily available. Amongst others, this involves:

  • crop growth models;
  • LIAISE, an FP 7 Network of Excellence, on impact assessment tools;
  • FORCE, an FP7 project which tries to develop an ecosystem approach for managing Caribbean coral reefs in the face of climate change;
  • Eururalis and SEAMLESS, existing impact assessment tools.