Value creation with models

Computer models are important tools in decision making. This project creates an enabling environment (community) for the efficient application of best-practices and future requirements for Model value creation. If it is clear how and which value can be created with models, which steps are necessary to take, and which steps should be developed, the future funding of work on models (maintenance, development) becomes more dedicated, less erratic, and so more efficient to be prepared for current and future needs in decision making.

Experiences and examples of Model value creation within Wageningen Research are available from different institutes, together with best or common practices how and which value is created. The needs for help from the Wageningen Modelling Group for separate cases are expressed where possible.

Challenges are to find out if the different type of models (data driven, mechanistic) and the different topics and their scales dealt with within the institutes require different approaches for Model value creation, and if the integration of models over domains require separate attention. Another challenge is to find out if the previously defined building blocks are complete: is every Wageningen Research institute well represented, with (all) its models?


This research has the objectives to:

  • Integrate previous developed and collected knowledge on Model value creation from different institutes in Wageningen Research
  • Make different ways of Model value creation visible and available for future use, with clear descriptions on which steps to take, whom to address and what to expect
  • Define knowledge gaps in Model value creation
  • Contribute to community building on Model value creation for all modelers and Wageningen Research management on different levels