Wageningen Climate Solutions: Knowledge agenda on climate research for Europe 2120

Last year, WUR developed the vision and map for a nature based future for the Netherlands in 2120. The vision resulted in useful discussions within and outside the WUR. In this project, we will develop a One Wageningen knowledge agenda on climate research for Europe to formulate the relevant research questions in order to develop the required knowledge


The WUR vision “A nature based future for the Netherlands in 2120” led to useful discussion about a greener future for the Netherlands. Also for Europe, the transition towards a green, circular and climate smart society could be the answer to climate change. This project draws an outline for the future of Europe in a changing climate. This will be a collaboration between all the science groups of Wageningen-UR. The main goal of the project is to clarify the knowledge questions of the future and with that which knowledge needs to be developed in the future. The project consists of three phases. In phase 1, we collect the climate visions and ideas of the individual WUR researchers of all science groups. In phase 2, we will cluster the ideas and have dialogues per cluster. Both young scientists and experts will contribute to the One Wageningen dialogues aiming at finding the European knowledge questions of the future. This will be the base of the European knowledge agenda with the most important knowledge questions which will be developed and visualized in phase 3.