Zoology Zoogether

Current practice in road and railroad construction projects is to include measures that aim to protect or enhance biodiversity. Some of these measures have been tested and their efficacy has been proven. Many others, however, have not been researched and hence little is known about their effectiveness. This project aims to fill that knowledge gap.

Many ecological measures implemented along roads and railroads – aiming to prevent negative impacts on biodiversity and/or utilize potentials to enhance biodiversity – have not or only partly been tested. Consequently there is a knowledge gap concerning the functioning and effectiveness of these measures. Testing through field tests is usually complex, time-consuming and costly. The objective of this project is to set up a collaboration with one or more zoos/wildlife parks to test the functioning of (innovative) ecological measures in a conditioned setting with the help of captive animals. A second objective is to carry out a case study in which a selected ecological measure, i.e. a ‘pine marten fence’, is tested.