Baalhoek & Knuitershoek

The Province of Zeeland (PZ) wants to create a low dynamic intertidal area at Baalhoek and Knuitershoek in the Westerschelde as part of the realization of a total of 600 hectares of estuarine nature, as sketched in the development plan 2010 Scheldt estuary. By means of groins, low dynamic sandy to moderately silty intertidal areas should develop at the two chosen locations, without negatively affecting the adjacent areas. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of the estuary at these locations.

Wageningen Marine Research, in collaboration with NIOZ, Deltares and Zeeland University of Applied Sciences, will monitor the morphological and ecological effects of these interventions for the next five years on behalf of the Province of Zeeland, with the aim of evaluating the interventions and gaining knowledge for possible follow-up projects.