Biodiversity innovative agro ecological farming

Biodiversity on agriculture land has decreased considerably the past decades illustrated by a strong decline in wild plants species, birds and insects. This is due to the use of pesticides and fungicides and removal of shrubs, hedges and trees in the agrarian landscape.

The number of farmers who have the ambition to combine agricultural production, nature and restoration of biodiversity is increasing in the Netherlands. Many of them are joining the movement of agroecological farming. In co-creation with agroecological farmers and their organisations we investigate the views and objectives of different types of agroecological farmers related to biodiversity and the measures they take to increase biodiversity. On a selection of agroecological farms biodiversity will be monitored involving citizens and students. The relations between farm characteristics and biodiversity will be analysed. With workshops, farm visits and a learning network experiences and insights will be shared. Action plans will be formulated and implemented to increase biodiversity and involve an increasing number of farmers.