Digital Twin Strokenteelt

Dutch agriculture is facing an increasingly urgent sustainability problem. A switch to sustainable cultivation systems is desirable. Strip cultivation is a possible direction for sustainable agriculture. However, switching from large-scale plots to a strip design is a step that is not easily taken.

Switching to strip cultivation starts with the design of the plot layout, choosing the combinations of crops, the structure of the crop rotation, strategies for fertilization, tillage and crop protection, planning of mechanization, economic ex ante analysis, etc.

When this strategic phase has been completed, operational implementation needs to be realized. During cultivation and after the end of the growing season, it is important that monitoring and evaluation are supported so that the grower can make sure that the set goals are being achieved.

For strip cultivation to be successful, every effort must be made to provide growers with the right information about the starting situation of the fields in question and to combine this with available knowledge in one integrated system, so that an appropriate, tailor-made set-up for indivudual plots as well as for the whole farm can be made.

In this project, a Digital Twin for Strip-cultivation (DTS) will be realized. An integrated system will be delivered which consists of several digital tools that together support the arable farmer in the design, implementation and evaluation of a strip cultivation system.