International Exchange ICES

This project aims specifically for international collaboration, participation in meetings and workshops. This is a yearly recurring project, which ensures Wageningen Marine Research scientists participation in international (ICES) science networks.


By its nature fisheries research is international. Therefore, international collaboration and exchange of scientific development are vital to accomplish the statutory tasks in Fisheries. The KB WOT Fisheries projects are for the major part carried out in cooperation with (inter)national colleagues. Through these collaborations also a large amount of external value is added to the programme, as resources and expertise from other institutes contribute to the KB WOT Fisheries.

This project is specifically to fund participation in international networks and ICES meetings. These groups are core to the development of KB WOT Fisheries. The network provided by these groups provides great added value to the KB WOT resources. Resolutions for the meetings will be agreed by ICES in October 2022. In 2023 participation will most likely be funded for: Data and Information Group (DIG), WG on the Value of Coastal Habitats for Exploited Species (WGVHES), WG on Fisheries Acoustics and Technology (WGFAST), WG on Integrative Physical-biological and Ecosystem Modelling (WGIPEM), Benthos Ecology WG (BEWG), Working Group on Fisheries Benthic Impact and Trade-offs (WGFBIT), Working Group on Application of Genetics in Fisheries and Aquaculture (WGAGFA), Working Group on Acoustic Trawl Data Portal Governance (WGAcousticGov), Working Group on SmartDots Governance (WGSMART), Workshop on operational implementation of stomach sampling (WKOISS), Fifth Workshop on Optimization of Biological Sampling (WKBIOPTIM5), Working Group on Fishing Technology and Fish Behaviour (WGFTFB), Working Group on Transparent Assessment Framework Governance (WGTAFGOV) and Workshop on MSE development (WKMSEDEV).

Results will be published in formal working groups reports, internal Wageningen Marine Research reports of groups and collaborative manuscripts. Results will be disseminated through the ICES website, theme sessions at the ICES Annual Science Conference and international symposia.