Just Transition: scientific base for bringing the principles into practice

Just transition is at the core of many policy documents, in the Netherlands, at the European level as well as international policy documents. But what does it mean? How to make sure that transitions are just? And just for who? This project helps policymakers to operationalise just transition by collecting scientific evidence.

In the KB project Just Transitions we aim to collect scientific evidence to support the development of an operational framework and approach to put just transition into practice. We rely on the most recent scientific findings, grey literature and practical experiences related to two transitions: food system transformation and climate adaptation. This collection of evidence takes mainly place in 2021. From 2022 onwards, the operational framework will be ready for testing and these tests may take place in the various transitions that are at the core of the KB programmes.

The project design is deliberately based on the principles of co-creation and dialogue, based on sensemaking of the scientific evidence. This co-creation and the dialogue takes place between scientists, (representatives of) the vulnerable groups, policymakers, and practitioners. The project will be deliberative and transdisciplinary: for the identification and sharpening the research question(s), implementation of the research, collecting of scientific evidence, sense-making of the findings, and interaction with policymakers and practitioners.