NKWK nuttig gebruik slib Eems-Dollard

In the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Delta Technology 2018-2021, the sustainable use of estuaries, seas and oceans is one important theme. The challenge is to develop sustainable economic activities and their significance for spatial planning, safety, emissions and pollution. A number of new accents are described. One of these concerns: Cost-effective applications for silty sediment from the Ems estuary to initiate ecological recovery of the estuary and also stimulate the economy. This project gives substance to this new accent as part of Eco-engineering and Nature-based Solutions.

There are ecological bottlenecks in the Ems-Dollard estuary. At the same time, the region has great economic ambitions. That is why agreements are needed about the combination of economic development with ecological recovery. An increase in turbidity has been observed in the Ems-Dollard, caused by an increasing amount of sediment in the water. One of the proposed solutions is the removal of sediment from the water and the useful reuse on land in an innovative Clay ripening pilot. This project contributes to an adaptive Sediment Innovation Program.


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