Policy advice on the International Whaling Commission

The Netherlands is a member of the International Whaling Commission because the Dutch authorities want to influence the international policy and management of cetaceans. Within the IWC, the Dutch delegation takes a conservation position, and makes strict conditions in case of a possible exploitation of whales.

Several other IWC member states have a different view, and therefore it is of essential importance that the management policy as well as the subsequent management is based on a profound scientific basis. The instruments available to The Netherlands to co-influence the international policy is participation in the Scientific Committee (SCtee) where scientific advice about cetacean stocks is formulated, and furthermore the input of The Netherlands in the Commission meeting where the policy and management is decided.


Participation in the meetings of the Commission as scientific adviser serves to support the Dutch delegation; this is particularly relevant when ad hoc advice is required about proposals for compromise submitted during the Commission’s meeting. The aim of the project is to present and elucidate the Dutch views on cetacean conservation policy and have a finger to the pulse whether this view is implemented in the actual management.


The following reports and documentation will be produced during the project:

  • Extensive annual reports on the activities of the Scientific Committee
  • Annual report of the Dutch participation in the meetings of the Scientific Committee
  • Annual report of the meetings of the Commission
  • Annual Progress Report to the IWC on cetacean research carried out by Dutch research organizations