Exploring methodological aspects for biological Digital Twins

In the Exploratory Project “Digital Twins & Metadata” it is investigated how metadata can be defined for a Digital Twin (DT) like for example the DTs within the WUR investment theme. From information on the metadata elements to practical implementation, resulting in a template for the use of metadata with Digital Twins.

The Exploratory Project “Digital Twins & Metadata” is investigating the ways metadata (MD) can be introduced for Digital Twins. Rather than focussing on a specific Digital Twin, it aims at any Digital Twin (DT) like the ones from the WUR investment theme, the flagship Digital Twins (“Me, My diet & I”, “Digital Future Farm”, “Virtual Tomato”). These serve as examples.

The research on MD ranges from information (the contents of MD) to practical application (the technical aspects of MD). The topics covered are existing definitions and structures and how these are applicable to DTs; the types of elements like data, models (software), hardware, etc., which a DT can consist of and how MD can be different for the different types; data management and use like combining primary and secondary data flows; sharing data while applying the FAIR principles; the relationship with repositories in the archiving domain, for research and spatial data infrastructure; dealing with different domains and their terminology.

Using the information that will be collected on the different topics, a template will be made and/or guidelines will be drafted for the use of MD in DTs. The flagship DTs will be used to apply the template and provide feedback.