Platform Methodology

For the investment theme Digital Twins (DT), the platform set up to develop knowledge and provide support common topics of a more technical nature. This includes data management, data assimilation, data science techniques, data visualization and DT design processes.

The platform organizes lunch meetings, workshops, and lectures. For more specific subjects, exploratory projects can be set up for further deepening. The platform methodology brings together researchers working in flagship projects in the program as well as interested researchers who can actively build beyond these projects. The platform follows new developments for applicable digital technologies that are relevant for the design and use of Digital Twins.

For 2021 we have drawn up a shortlist with a number of topics such as data management; the use of sensor information; metadata; standardization; the semantic web; visualization and more. It is being examined whether there is a common methodological challenge relevant for the three flag ships projects. If so, it will be determined if this can be done in a separate exploratory project.

Data management is expected to be such a challenging challenge. An Open Source Data Management solution such as iRODS may be used for data management and interoperability for all flagships. Additional training and documentation can be developed and provided to meet that need. And also 'what is the most common method' of data for improving sufficient computing power for data intensive operations. In order to gain hands-on experience, Hackathons/Thinketons could become a means of develop and share more knowledge, e.g. for the use of sensors for use in visualizations that are designed for the three flagship projects. Attendance at relevant events such as HPC is also brought to the attention of the Digital Twins project teams.

The platform can contribute to activities organized by others involved in the Digital Twins theme, for example int the afternoon meetings of the Digital Twins program, and/or aimed at linking the two platforms or other WUR investment themes.