Bird flu at poultry farms, updates 2022/2023

Published on
July 25, 2023

On this page, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) presents an overview of highly pathogenic bird flu infections on Dutch poultry farms from October 2022 up and including September 2023. To prevent the virus from spreading, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has culled the animals at these farms.

Bird flu infections from October 2022

Below are infections as of October 2022 with the hazardous variant of bird flu; highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). The first table contains Dutch commercial poultry farms and the second other locations with 50 or more birds.

Highly pathogenic bird flu at commercial poultry farms

Location Type of farm Number of animals Type Date
Biddinghuizen Laying hens 11.000 H5N1 24-07-2023
Nijkerk Ducks 10,000 H5N1 26-01-2023
Abbega Laying hens 57,000 H5N1 26-01-2023
Loo Laying hens 60,000 H5N1 17-01-2023
Koudum Broiler grandparents 29,000 H5N1 21-11-2022
Stolwijk Laying hens 23,000 H5N1 20-11-2022
Oostrum Laying hens 223,000 H5N1 19-11-2022
Uden Broiler parents 46,000 H5N1 09-11-2022
Ospel II Rearing laying hens 94,000 H5N1 01-11-2022
Oudwoude Broiler grandparents 30,000 H5N1 30-10-2022
Neerkant Laying hens 25,000 H5N1 27-10-2022
Hedel II Turkeys 44,400 H5N1 22-10-2022
Lunteren XII Laying hens 55,000 H5N1 21-10-2022
Heythuysen Laying hens 300,000 H5N1 20-10-2022
Ospel I Turkeys 28,850 H5N1 16-10-2022
Blija III Broiler 80,000 H5N1 14-10-2022
Nieuwleusen Broiler 60,000 H5N1 13-10-2022
Bodegraven Broilers 40,000 H5N1 11-10-2022
Waddinxveen Broilers 80,000 H5N1 09-10-2022
Wildervank III Laying hens 27,000 H5N1 07-10-2022
Wildervank II Laying hens 14,740 H5N1 05-10-2022
Kiel-Windeweer Broilers 102,150 H5N1 04-10-2022
Klarenbeek Ducks 8,500 H5N1 02-10-2022

Roman numerals are entered for multiple positive farms in the same place. The numbering follows NVWA census. For some places, previous numbers can be found here: bird flu updates 2021/2022.

Highly pathogenic bird flu at locations with > 50 animals

Location Type of farm Number of animals Type Date
Rozenburg Poultry 70 H5N1 13-02-2023
Mijdrecht Ornamental waterfowl 200 H5N1 21-12-2022
Zegveld Ornamental waterfowl 100 H5N1 10-11-2022
Tiel Ornamental waterfowl 800* H5Nx 07-10-2022
Wouterswoude Ornamental waterfowl * H5N1 07-10-2022

* Total amount of culled animals at the farms in Tiel and Wouterswoude

Housing obligation

From 30 August 2023, the housing obligation for poultry in the Netherlands only applies in Gelderse vallei. This decision by the ministry is made based on a risk assessment by the animal disease expert group in which WBVR participates.

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