(Monoclonal) antibodies

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research (WBVR) has developed many antibodies. The antibodies are directed against different antigens that can roughly be divided into three categories: pathogens, host molecules or others. Features of many antibodies are published. However, unpublished antibodies are also available.

Origin and purity of the antibodies

Most antibodies are monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) which were obtained by immunizing mice with specific antigens. After the immunization procedure, the spleen was used to isolate B-cells. The B-cells become immortalized by fusing them with myeloma cells. Selection of hybridoma’s encompassed cell growth, antibody production and specificity checks.

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Due to our extensive expertise with veterinary infectious diseases many monoclonal antibodies specific for a range of pathogens are available. Some monoclonal antibodies recognize pathogens very broadly, whereas MAbs that specifically recognize certain phenotypes, serotypes, clades or genotypes are also available. We have MAbs available against viral as well as bacterial antigens. Some examples are Infectious Bursal Disease Virus, Escherichia coli, and prions derived from sheep or cattle.

Besides pathogens, monoclonal antibodies were also raised against host molecules. Our immunoglobulin specific monoclonal antibodies for several animal species are renowned in the veterinary research community worldwide. They are core to several diagnostic assays. In contrary to many commercial antibodies that suffer from cross reaction with other species, mice were immunized with the specific immunoglobulins of different livestock species. Our Ig isotype specific MAbs are available for poultry, swine and cattle.


In the webshop, all available MAbs can be purchased at fixed prices, although for large quantities a special offer can be made. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing the hybridoma producing the MAbs. To purchase our hybridomas non-exclusively, signing a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is obligatory. In contrary to MAbs, hybridomas do not have fixed prices.

Polyclonal antibodies

In addition to monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal sera are available against different pathogens. Different animal species have been immunized, and serum was collected. These polyclonal sera are generally less characterized than the MAbs. Polyclonal sera are very suitable as positive controls for development of diagnostics.