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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Registration short / online course

How do I register for a short / online course?

You can register for a course via the individual course page.

If you are unable to register via the individual course page, you can request an application form for a short course. You can send this request to

Please mention the title of the course you wish to apply for and the year.

How can I get admitted to a short / online course?

In order to be admitted to the course, you must register on the individual course page online. After completing your application, we will review it and send you an admission letter.

How do I know whether I am eligible for this programme?

Our short courses are designed for professionals with at least a BSc-level (or equivalent) and a minimum of three years of relevant work experience. Applications from students will not be taken into consideration.

Specific requirements for participation can be found on the individual course page.

I have submitted my application, but want to change something.

When your application for a short / online course has been completed and submitted and you wish to change part of your application, please contact us at

Please explain clearly which part of your application you want altered.

I wish to defer my application for a short / online course to next year, is this possible?

Unfortunately it is not possible to defer your application to next year. We can cancel your application, but you will have to register again for next year’s course.

What happens after you submit your course registration?

After submitting your registration, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.

Is it possible to register for more than one short / online course?

Yes, you can register for more than one course at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation.

Financial matters

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation or Wageningen University & Research cannot assist you with obtaining funding to attend our short courses.

However there are several options to fund your participation.

  • Funded by participant
  • Funded by organisation or project

Other questions

Can I bring family members when I participate in the short course?

Should you consider bringing your wife/husband or family, we must strongly advise against it. The course programme is quite intensive and participants are obliged to follow all parts of the programme. Consequently there will be little time left to spend with your relatives. Moreover, the Wageningen University & Research has no facilities to entertain relatives.

Is your question not answered in the FAQ?

If you have a question to which the answer cannot be found in the list above, feel free to send an e-mail to