Farmer Agency: a Practical Approach for Farmer-Inclusive Food System Transformation

Family farmers are the food producers of the world. They produce food for themselves, for the rural areas where they live and for the growing urban population. Paradoxically, smallholder farmers also make up the largest part of people facing food and nutrition deficiencies. The FARE approach (Farmer Agency for Rural Economies), which is central in this course, concentrates on farmers as central actors in food systems. The course shares many practical tools for promoting farmer entrepreneurship, the organisation and collective action of farmers and their collaboration with other actors and stakeholders. Join and become a facilitator of food system transformation, for making a difference, with and for farmers!

Organised by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Tue 29 August 2023 until Fri 3 November 2023

This course will be taught in blended format. Which means, partially online and partially in an OKP country, not The Netherlands. Location will be updated.

What will you learn?

Upon completion of this course you will have learned how to apply practical approaches and tools for farmer empowerment in food systems, with the aim to: 

  • Involve farmers and promote farmer entrepreneurship
  • Encourage the effective organisation and collective action of farmers
  • Improve yields and sustainable production systems
  • Develop farmers’ positioning along value chains
  • Succeed in inclusive agribusiness and agri-finance
  • Create a more enabling policy, business and ICT environment for farmers.
  • Arrive at strategic and operational plans for farmer-inclusive food system transformation, with attention to six complementary intervention domains

You will be mastering the FARE cycle (shown below) and know how to apply it to your own FARE case and professional work situation. Curious to know more?  Please find more detailed information here: 

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FARE cycle

FARE cycle

For whom is this course?

Are you looking for a practical food system approach that you can’t wait to apply yourself? Are you motivated to contribute to farmer empowerment and rural development in your country? Then this is the course for you!

We welcome professionals from farmers’ organisations, governmental structures, the private sector, civil society organisations, universities, research and extension from different regions of the world. For this course you need to have a B.Sc. degree and a minimum of three years of  relevant work experience. Proficiency in English is required.

Course programme in more detail

Download the full course programme (2022 edition).

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Courses are currently blended

Courses will be taught in blended format. Which means, partially online and partially in an OKP country, not The Netherlands. Details will follow soon.

Application for this course

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