FoSTr: better policy decisions through clear visions of the future

The clearer the picture of the future, the better policymakers can guide necessary changes in food systems. The Foresight for Food Systems Tranformation (FoSTr) project is working in five low-and-middle-income countries to use foresight and scenario analysis in policy decisions.

Climate change, global population growth and rapidly succeeding shocks and stresses make it increasingly difficult to predict accurately how food systems might evolve. Yet the need to look ahead and anticipate is eminent. To build sustainable, healthy, equitable and resilient food systems of the future, policymakers need to make the right decisions today. With the Foresight4Food FoSTr project, Wageningen University & Research and University of Oxford are supporting policymakers in five countries to properly anticipate the future. This is done through a participatory approach with all relevant stakeholders.

Participatory workshops

To base policies on reliable future scenarios, access to reliable historical data is needed. FoSTr focuses on Bangladesh, Jordan, Kenya, Niger and Uganda, working with local research partners and bringing together a broad group of stakeholders in participatory workshops to jointly identify the main challenges within their food system. For each country, we look at the opportunities for research institutes, government organisations and municipal institutions to gain more knowledge and experience with food systems foresight and scenario analysis.

Creating engaging scenarios of plausible food system futures based on data, that is the goal of food systems foresight and scenario analysis. Policymakers can thus better identify the consequences of existing policies and how to initiate policies that anticipate the future. The clearer the picture of the future, the greater the opportunities to create social understanding for desired policies. FoSTr is part of Foresight4Food initiative, a broad international programme to support food system transformation through foresight and scenario analysis.