Apply for the African Food Fellowship!

Food System Leadership programme in Kenya

Eligibility criteria are the following. You are:
1. A legal resident of Kenya (non-nationals are also eligible);
2. 45 years of age or younger;
3. Proficient enough in the English language to follow the programme; and
4. Willing and able to commit an average of 4 hours / week.

The programme has a participation fee of 95.000 Kenyan Shilling.

Registration is open!

Kenya food system leadership programme is launched! The Food System Leadership programme is inviting applications from Kenyan citizens for the second cohort of Food System Leadership Programme. The call is open until 25 September 2022.

Forty (40) fellows will be selected competitively and awarded a scholarship in one of the three core areas of focus: Agri-Finance; Aquaculture and Micro- and Small Business in horticulture.

More information:

To learn more about the eligibility criteria and application procedure, check out the page for Kenyan applicants.