Cocoa Rehabilitation and Intensification Programme in Ghana

In September 2014 the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands signed an agreement with Solidaridad for a cocoa rehabilitation and intensification programme (CORIP) in Ghana.

Learning and innovation system

In October 2014 a workshop was organised in order to develop the first draft of the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Innovation (MELI) system. This MELI system was discussed with the private sector partners and made final at the end of 2014 / beginning of 2015.

An effective Learning & Innovation (L&I) system stimulates learning, reflection and innovation at programme as well as on sector level. The information collected should also be useful as a basis for the regular Monitoring & Evaluation, the Action Research and the Final Evaluation. The L&I system is based on CORIP's Result Chain and on the related MELI framework.

There are three working streams that form the base for the learning and innovation system:

  • Regular Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Baseline & Mid-term and Endline Evaluation
  • Action Research

CDI makes on the one side use of the information resulting from these working streams and on the other side streamline this information in such a way that programme staff as well as other stakeholders use this information for improved strategic choices and better entrepreneurship practice.

Approaches and methods for learning and innovation

CDI supports the programme to set up a learning committee to support the officer responsible for L&I and make a work plan around innovation and (mutual) learning, linked to the management plan. Developing a complete learning cycle - connecting reporting and reflection to planning, connecting to the management cycle and feed back into the planning - is one of the core activities. Based on the key question (defined during the October 2014 workshop), a systematised data gathering, processing and communication is planned for. Some ideas for exchange are:

  • Regular reflection meetings with Rural Service Centres (RCSs), companies, service providers
  • Regular reflection meeting with consortium
  • Platform meetings (with e.g. Ghana Cocoa Platform)
  • Working with the social media (Facebook / Apps)
  • Farmer and RSCs perceptions (e.g. storytelling)
  • Field visits and learning journeys, also with partners for more in-depth exchange.