Opportunities for Dutch Climate Tech firms to establish or expand business internationally

The project is about at the one hand involving the Dutch private and financial sector more in climate investment in developing countries and at the other hand improving the linkages between the water, food security and energy sectors that all face challenges related to climate change and limited natural resources.

The project aims to increase climate investments and activities of Dutch Businesses in developing countries.

Climate investment monitoring framework

Every year the information on projects and programmes from the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) contained in the climate investment database is updated to ensure that actionable business opportunities can be identified. Also factsheets of selected countries dealing with main energy, water and food security issues are produced.

Emphasis is on the water, energy and food security sectors.

Climate finance architecture

The project is also active in examining the evolving climate finance architecture and has produced and is preparing reports  dealing with that issue. The aim of this is to understand better what the role of the Dutch government and private sector could be in that architecture.  

Nexus water-energy-food security in times of climate change

A major effort is being made to understand better the water-energy-food security nexus in times of climate change. Efforts are made to identify trade-offs between these sectors (where they compete for the same resources) and possibilities for synergy between the sectors. The findings might be influenced by upcoming climate change.

For that reason a general nexus model is developed to be applied at the national level. This model is nurtured with data about water, energy and use of land for food production. Ethiopia is the pilot country to test the methodology.

In a second phase the project plans to cooperate with the Dutch funded food security project BENEFIT to identify in a concrete geographical area within Ethiopia the trade-offs and synergies between the three sectors and to identify concrete solutions that might be reached by involving the BENEFIT project partners and other relevant Ethiopian stakeholders from the water and energy sectors.