TMT enhancing food security and safety in Jordan

With the support of the Orange Knowledge Programme, a tailor-made training (TMT) was implemented last year in Jordan on ‘Enhancing food security and safety in Jordan’. Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) provided the training, which was implemented by the Projects Department - Food Security Division (FSD) of the Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan.

The influx of over 1.4 million Syrian refugees, in addition the Jordanese population of about 6.7 million people, led to a significant increase in the food consumption. This places a tremendous pressure on the already over-stretched resources of the country.

To be able to operationalize the National Strategy and Action Plan, the Projects Department - Food Security Division has been in dire need of competent staff. Staff that can contribute to enhancing availability, access, utilization, stability of quality and safe food, and who can train farmers to expand agricultural land.

The TMT training that was given by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation, addressed the gaps in competencies of staff at the Food security Division of the Ministry of Agriculture. This was made clear by providing and exchanging information and enhancing knowledge, skills and attitude in various aspects of supply chain management in a training of trainer (ToT) setting. The training focused on the horticulture sector, specific topics being:

During the training, participants had the chance to discuss issues above in classroom settings followed by field visits, where participants were challenged to apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills. Participants enjoyed the interactivity of the training, the knowledge of the international experts and appreciated the field work where they could immediately apply what they learnt.

As the Netherlands has embarked on a long-term collaboration with Jordan, WCDI as well as the local project partner, the Ministry of Agriculture are eager to find new opportunities to work together.

Funding: Orange Knowledge Programme

This TMT was funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the Netherlands’ development policy and managed by Nuffic.