About Wageningen Economic Research

About Wageningen Economic Research

Wageningen Economic Research explores and explains, so that our customers can enhance their policy or strategy, thus laying the foundations for ‘earning’ more value for their organisation, clients and partners, the environment, citizens and society.

To improve the quality of life, we analyse and design effective incentives and policies.

Business and government

Are you an entrepreneur, business or government organisation? Your question is our challenge. Contact our experts directly:

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What we do



For businesses and government bodies worldwide we explore the latest trends in nutrition and the living environment. Based on our expertise and data, we provide new insights and opportunities.



We explain what may happen, what is happening, and what has happened. We measure and monitor effects at the company, sector and macro level, with clear indicators and insight into the how and why.



We offer businesses and governments concrete points for improving the impact of policies and strategies. This lets our clients work more efficiently, more effectively and more sustainably.



Earning by creating value for businesses, governments, the environment, consumers and society. By working on new business models, social acceptance and sustainable policies.

Why choose Wageningen Economic Research

Wageningen Economic Research has a nationally and internationally proven track record and extensive experience in setting up and carrying out policy analyses, including societal cost/benefit analyses, impact evaluations, and future studies, as well as market and chain research, consumer research and the development of monitoring system for industry.

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Our clients

Wageningen Economic Research is annually involved in approximately 800 different projects. Read what clients have to say about us.

We stand for:

  • Refreshing insights
  • Market Intelligence
  • Domain & sector knowledge
  • Integrated approach
  • Interactive knowledge creation

We are part of the Social Sciences Group

Within Wageningen University & Research and together with the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation and the university’s Department of Social Sciences, Wageningen Economic Research is part of the Social Sciences Group.

The Social Sciences Group comprise the entire knowledge chain of fundamental scientific research, applied scientific research and consultancy and capacity building. As a result, Wageningen Economic Research provides access to this comprehensive range of expertise. Read more about the organisation.