Dutch Agro confidence index

On a regular basis, the Agro Confidence Index provides a picture of the mood among agricultural entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

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In addition to the sentiment of the entrepreneurs, the index also asks about developments in a number of important business factors, such as costs of production, selling price, turnover and profit. As a result, this website provides an up-to-date quarterly insight into the state of affairs in the agricultural sector and a forward-looking view of the short and somewhat longer term.

The Agro Confidence Index provides policymakers and companies with an up-to-date, scientific and representative picture of the sector. The outlook makes it possible to respond to developments and to adjust policy accordingly. This agro-confidence index can be used to monitor the impact of policy decisions and changes in income or competitiveness.

Through coordination with representatives of the agricultural sector and knowledge institutes from various EU member states under the flag of Copa-Cogeca, the European interest group of agricultural and horticultural entrepreneurs and their cooperatives, the results of the index are compared with the developments in other EU member states.