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Market Shock Assessment: anticipate unexpected turns for your business

How prepared are you for business risks? Do you have sufficient resilience and agility in place to cope with and respond to external disruptions? COVID-19 has obviously been the most recent market shock and who’s to say what other pandemics are now around the corner. But recent political shocks such as Brexit, occurring diseases like banana fungus and insect plagues are also having their impact. Being prepared is half the victory and having a strategy that anticipates the challenges ahead is vital.

Shock proofing

There are more than enough reasons to ensure your organisation is as prepared as possible for future upheavals, ready to respond and avoid big hits to the bottom line. Combining the latest scientific knowledge with tried and tested methods, models and data, we can develop market scenarios for your business that take past, present and a projected future into account while defining hotspots in your supply chain that are vulnerable to shocks.

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This is just one piece of the Market Intelligence puzzle. If you're curious about how the whole puzzle fits together, visit: Market Intelligence: a comprehensive view of the future.

Customised approach

Market Shock Assessment is a knowledge and data-driven approach for the early recognition of market risks in the agri-food domain. The combination of methods and models used are customised to your requirements based on research and novel data sources such as social media. We tap into a wealth of independent data as well as the unrivalled bank of knowledge within WUR. An advanced array of tooling is deployed and our worldwide network of experts is consulted on factors related to potential shocks and policy making.

Input for effective rapid action planning is then provided that allow you to:

  • Determine worldwide market risk reduction strategies (sourcing, logistics, financial, consumption and so on) under various scenarios
  • Establish early-warning dashboards and develop preventive measures and action plans for critical business processes and hotspots
  • Evaluate impact and simulate the effect of different control strategies and contingency plans
We can develop market scenarios for your business that take past, present and a projected future into account while defining hotspots in your supply chain that are vulnerable to shocks.

Future thinking

The stakes are high and you can never be over prepared for what is on the horizon. The same goes for us at Wageningen Economic Research, which is why we’re currently working on models to better predict the future when it comes to the challenges of new animal diseases and zoonotic pathogens. All partners in a relationship with us will benefit from future breakthroughs in this area.

A practical example: burger company investing in
protein transition

Imagine being a burger company committed to and investing in the protein transition having recognised that standard meat products will no longer be sufficient in the future. You have started sourcing different ingredients for your new line of plant-based products, and are gearing up for the new summer season. But then, suddenly, a spell of bad weather causes havoc with production and you find yourself unable to buy (or use) those ingredients, or expand your business in this direction. How will you respond?

In a nutshell

A Market Shock Assessment from Wageningen Economic Research enables you to

  • Develop market scenarios showing the likely consequences of external disruptions
  • Access future-proof business modelling tools to make strategies more agile and resilient
  • Monitor market functioning
  • Understand the impact of market disruptions and/or your marketing efforts; support with planning your responses to changing events.