Building on social acceptance

Is investing in the biobased economy defensible from the perspective of food security? Wageningen Economic Research considers that an integrated approach to this question can lead to a strong bio-based economy and greater food security. If the bio-based economy fits in with the perceptions and expectations of consumers, citizens and NGOs in terms of environmental and socio-ethical sustainability, there are opportunities for the development and implementation of bio-based products. Important aspects in this regard are the balance between food and fuel, the use of farmland and environmental impacts.

Wageningen Economic Research examines developments from social, economic and technical perspectives.
Marieke Meeusen-van Onna

The social perspective means, for example, that Wageningen Economic Research provides an insight into social integration and acceptance of the use of biomass for non-food use. Based on the social effects and technical scope and using our data and models we can also chart economic aspects.

Multiple perspective for well-founded opinions

By examining, analysing and combining a development from multiple perspectives, Wageningen Economic Research ensures well-founded opinions upon which the business community, governments and regions can base their policy and strategy.

This integrated approach also ensures that we can identify future social issues and, via contacts with diverse parties, contribute to a sustainable bio-based economy that enjoys broad support within society.