Societal impact management

Improving sustainability along the Agri & Food chain

Sustainability is high on many companies’ agendas. Organisations are striding to meet a variety of sustainability goals, such as lowering your carbon footprint and improving working conditions across value chains. These topics are big and complex and often outside your circle of influence. You have already taken some steps in the right direction, but how can you tell if your strategy is working? Are you pursuing the right goals? And what is the next step to gain a competitive advantage and to strengthen your business?

Find out how we can help you with achieving your sustainability goals.

What we can do for you

We support you in finding the answers

We are a renowned, academic and independent research institute with many years of knowledge on sustainability measurement and improvement in Agri & Food. We support businesses in scoping their sustainability challenges, focused measurement & interventions, showing sustainability trade-offs and turn these challenges into business opportunities.

We think it is great when WUR’s research can help design the way forward. It is great when science and practice interact with each other
Carla Romeu Dalmau, Senior Manager Learning and Impact Research at IDH

Why choose us:

  • Refreshing insights
  • Domain & sector knowledge
  • Interactive & integrated approach
  • Operating on every continent
  • Internationally leading
  • One stop shop

Reach your sustainability goals in five steps or less

Whether it be from start to finish, or during specific steps, we deliver the rigour and multidisciplinary thinking that is required to measure and improve on sustainability goals.

Societal impact management cycle
We present our steps as a cycle. Not only the context and business operations change continuously, we also learn more every day on sustainable business cases, effective interventions, environmental burdens and methodological developments.

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